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A Brief Moment Of Sanity

by Corporate Citizen

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    Includes unlimited streaming of A Brief Moment Of Sanity via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days
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Label: El Topo Records
Instagram: @corporatecitizensd

Band Photo by Eric Lilly

Recorded at Exum Recording
629 W 5th Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025

Engineered by Scott Exum

All songs written and performed by Corporate Citizen


released April 26, 2019

Dan Achin (Drums), Hal Hannon (Bass) Bob Meder (Vocals), Steve O’Brien (Guitar), Louis Ramsey (Guitar)


all rights reserved



Corporate Citizen San Diego, California

Corporate Citizen formed in 2017 heavily influenced by melodic hardcore reminiscent of bands from the 90’s. The band draws from their years of playing music and touring with bands such as Grey Area and Crown of Thornz.

Their new record “A Brief Moment of Sanity” is the first full length and being distributed by El Topo Records.
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Track Name: Batten Down The Hatches
Keep it simple. Keep it civil. Keep it safe. No one wants to be the one who makes the waves.
The drama continues unabated. Everyone gets faded and now we are just chasing tails

They’ll empathize and sympathize right to your face. Then tear you down and talk shit as soon as you leave this place. Appease and apologize just to avoid a fight. But I know that you know I’m right

The cycle begins anew. We find ourselves right back at the start, only redundancy, no heart. Speak out, Go ahead, see how that goes. See how the energy flows


Looks like we’re heading into rough seas boys
All hands batten down
Reduce the sails or the mast will crack
All hands batten down
Cut the mainstays, clear the decks
All hands batten down
Incoming wave, brace for impact
Chorus 2x
Track Name: 95 Sound
Looking back at the years, the years that have passed, sometimes I get angry and sometimes i just laugh. We were running from the cops, running from maturity trying not to grow up

Oklahoma City Bombing, WTO, Superman is paralyzed and Out Come the Wolves

Time, there’s no stopping it. Go with the flow or get run over it by it

Now looking back I can’t believe we made it. Despite all the bad choices we survived. (We’re still alive)
And still I smile through me reminiscence to that far off year of 95

95, 95, 95 Sound

Now i’m in the thick of it and there’s no getting out. Eyes straight ahead there’s nothing for me in the past. Good times, Gone times, looking ahead to better times

You think that
You can freeze time?
Hit the rewind?
Even if you could, what would you get?

past is
rose-colored glasses
The best hasn’t come yet

Wasting all of our todays just looking back at then.
And twenty years from now we will look back at when?
I won’t be held hostage by the distant past,
seconds ticking down so fast.
I will strive to live past the year 1995.

95, 95, 95 Sound
Track Name: Next Big Thing
There is a ring that you’re supposed to grab for
The one that glimmers, always gold
One that cures all
One that makes your problems so small

You’re not allowed to be happy with where you’re at
You must always strive for more
Stow away any notions that happiness lies within

I never wanted it, I never needed it
I’m not looking for the next big thing
Just fine where i’m at
And you can judge me, make me feel small
But your opinion means nothing at all
I just don’t care

All the rats in the race cannibalize each other at lightning pace
They will not stop until they drop

Simplicity is pushed to the side
What are we worth if we don’t buy, buy. Buy?
And consume all we see

I don’t think that it is fair at all. Keep being pushed until we fall and eventually shoved over the edge
Take another step right off of the ledge. A society riddled with runaway anxiety. Morally bankrupt by a banking policy that endangers us all
Track Name: Bold-Faced Lies
Be careful who you worship cause they will let you down. And when you need em most they won’t be around. You’ll be left wondering why you’ve been abandoned. Left without the tools to survive you’ll wonder what happened
Stripped of your self worth, stripped of your autonomy. Powerless, defenseless with no Identity

Be careful what you wish for cause it might come true. You’ll have no one else to blame but you. Reality can do you in when you live in fantasy land. You’ll find out pretty quick you’re insignificant insignificant


Think, Think, Think for yourself. Can’t live for someone else
Speak, Speak, Speak for yourself. Let everyone worry about themselves
Track Name: Trust Fails
We find ourselves in another fight. Another wasted night. They’ll be no meeting of the minds
Just more wasted time. If there could be some positive line. An accumulation of these petty bitch sessions
Just A Waste Of Words

The cycle continues, no ending in sight. Our better intentions have taken flight. We play the reruns of our lives
Where do we go from here. Another day, a week, a month, a year. Will pass us by


Try, Try, Try, 2x
Nothing ever gets resolved. Nothing ever will again

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Fatal Trap
I have to admit that what you said was some crazy shit but I think I took it in stride
I let it go, said it was no big deal but then you threw it in my face

I stepped in your fatal trap
We move forward and then you circle back
Now I am open for attack
But you continue to smash, smash, smash

I don’t know what your problem but i think that you should probably settle down
Think about what you’re saying and the stupid games you’re playing. It is time to move on


Are you in need of a distraction
Get a life
Is this how you get your kicks
Leave mine to me
Was I just caught up in the middle?
Get a life
Your ability to lie so prolific

Track Name: Got No Time
Got no time 3x
And even less to spend on you

I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a fucking fake
And I can’t believe a thing you say
We can’t even agree on the facts
The facts are useless we just attack
Civil discourse is abandoned
Now whoever shouts loudest wins

Got no time 3x
And even less to spend on you

How did we get in this predicament
We wonder where the good times went
Everyday is battle but no one wins
We’ll repeat this cause it never ends
Can’t seem to find middle ground
This carousel of hate goes round and round

We’re better
We’re better than this

We are just a mockery
And we are trying to beat the clock
But we now say things for the shock

Got no time 3x
And even less to spend on you
Track Name: Just Walk Away
You are horribly out of touch except for that base that loves you so much
There’s nothing to say you might as well just walk away (refrain)
You think he is sent by God but don’t find his infidelities and immoralities odd
Policies, policies, policies. Fallacies, fallacies, fallacies

You blame everyone else for the stupid shit you do. You wonder why you’ve lost the respect of more than a few. You are becoming old news. You decry fake news

You praise his business sense but don’t care about his lack of taxes
Sycophant, Sycophant, is your counsel
Paralytic, Paralytic the country
No more parlour tricks, You’re a magician

The things I loved you have tried to destroy. The only things that mattered, you used them as a ploy. It was a sick charade, a fabrication made to cover the real story that you have failed miserably, that you have failed miserably

So long farewell you will not be missed and when you’re gone we’ll move on
Track Name: The Good One
What a thing to say. What am I supposed to do. I keep on bending over backwards but nothing ever impresses you.

For too long I have tried too hard
For too long I have catered to you

I’ll never be good enough or smart enough
The Good One!

They lied, they lied, they lied
And it didn’t make any difference

What a waste of my time. What else could I have done. You made my life so difficult and now you are no one

To me you are inconsequential
A bump in the road that I will always avoid



Never wanted to just walk away
With so many old wounds open,
So much left to say.

The bond that seemed so solid then,
Irrecoverably broken,
Can’t be the same again

(And if you) keep shaking your fists to the sky
(Accomplishing) nothing as you wonder why
(Misery) permeates every single day
(Everything) you love will slowly fade away

...and I hate that I want to see you fall
Looks like you changed me after all


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